Frequently asked questions

House Rules

How important to follow the House rules?

We charge up to $450 dollars for any damaged or missing items. To avoid this, please follow the house rules below:

  • The house and surrounding property are completely non-smoking.
  • We would love for you to party, but for legal and fire safety reasons, please don't exceed the maximum occupancy of the house at any time.
  • We love our community and want to make sure that everyone has a delightful experience. Please be respectful of the neighbors and keep noise to a minimum between 9pm and 8am.
  • Things break,... and messes happen! If you find yourself in need of help please call us right away. We understand that accidents happen, and we're here to help.

Bathroom Sign


Wifi is not working

Router does not show up on your device or you cannot connect to the internet 1. Check several apps or websites to make certain the connection issue is not specific to one device in particular. 2. Trouble shoot your device by turning off the Wi-Fi capability on your device and turning it back on. 3. Turn your device off and wait 30 seconds before turning it on again. 4. Check the router A. Make sure that the router is on (lights in the front should be on and flashing) 1. If they are not on, please make sure that the router is properly plugged in

Smoke Detector

Resetting a hardwired unit with a removable battery backup To reset a hardwired unit with a battery backup, perform the following steps: 1. Turn off the power to the smoke alarm at the circuit breaker. 2. Remove the smoke alarm from the mounting bracket and disconnect the power. 3. Remove the battery. 4. Press and hold the test button 5. Reconnect the power and reinstall the battery. NOTE: The unit will chirp once when the power is restored and should not chirp afterwards. Resetting a removable battery-only unit 1. Remove the battery. 2. Press and hold the test button 3. Reinstall the battery. NOTE: The unit will chirp when the battery is first connected but should not chirp afterwards.


Is there parking?

Where is the nearest beach? If none, please provide options.

Is there washer and dryer?

What time can I check in and check out?

Can I early check in?

Can I check out late?

Can I extend?

Where can I store my bags

Why do I have to fill out the registration form

Can I have a package delivered

Does your kitchen have basic stuff to use?

What is the minimum age requirement to be able to book?

Information during your stay

Do you provide sheets and towels?

Is cleaning done everyday?

Recommendations for places to go, activities, and where to eat

What is the exact address?

What is the Wifi?

Where we can dispose?

Check out reminder

Before you go

We kindly ask that you check out of the unit on or before 11 am. On the day of your departure, please leave all your dirty dishes, pots, pans in the sink with warm soapy water. We also ask that you dispose of any trash and place all your dirty linen and towels in one spot for our cleaning crew. Any missing linen will be charged to your account after checking out.

  • If we provided parking or recreational passes please leave them where you found them.
  • Please lock the doors and windows and leave keys (if applicable) in their original place.
  • Help us save energy. Set the thermostat to 65
  • Don't worry about stripping the beds- we'be got you covered but if you want to give our house keeps a hand go ahead and start a load of towels.
  • We'd love it if you washed your dishes or started the dishwasher.