About Us

Fewer Fees, Faster Returns

RocketStay is a technology, management and service solution for owners and managers of hotels and short-term rental properties. We have created an all in one solution that connects the largest global marketplaces, such as Airbnb and VRBO, to your properties. We help you connect and operate more efficiently so you can increase your distribution, not your costs.

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What We Believe

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It's Not Enough to Have Satisfied Customers

Instead, we believe our customers must be so elated with their experience that they become passionate about us. They must be so energized that they interrupt conversations to tell others about us.

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We're Not Afraid of Giants

We win each round with intelligent, well-executed ideas and enthusiastic advocacy on behalf of our customers and guests.

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We Believe in Going All-In

We focus on the possibility of the game-winning home run, not the probability of striking out.

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We Never Write Off The Power of Nuance

We know that some wars are won in one decisive battle, but victory more often comes by winning a series of skirmishes that may have seemed insignificant at the time.

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We Are Never Finished

There will always be a new idea that is better than the last idea.

Who We Are

Experts in Hospitality

We started our business in 2015 in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida as a hotel revenue management company serving a handful of branded and independent hotels. We quickly started listing our portfolio on Airbnb and, soon after, entered the short-term rental space with ten units that rapidly grew into hundreds of units.

Today we provide full-service distribution and management to owners of luxury condos, multi-family buildings, hotels, and resorts. Leveraging our ground-up services, we established our Hotel Connect Services in early 2020, creating a connection between hotels and new emerging marketplaces.

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We currently service more than 350 short-term rentals and 500+ hotels. RocketStay connects over 55,000 keys across the United States, Latin America, and Mexico. We provide the technology and services for our clients to excel on the world’s largest marketplaces and OTAs.

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From the United States to Spain, Ukraine, and the Philippines, our team of hospitality experts spans the globe. RocketStay is owned by its employees and is elated to bring its clients bookings at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketplaces.